Meet The Nelsons

Anthony = Peg's big brother's best friend.  We have known each other a long time, but didn't have our first "real" conversation until Summer of 2008 (over a few Budweisers...yes, Bud Heavy - we're classy people).  That week we started running together and having great conversation along the way.  Summer flew by, and before we knew it, it was time for me to head back to DC for another year of school. 

Anthony was on the crew team at Ohio State and just knowing how much he was working out helped me to stay motivated and fit, which really helped make the whole long distance relationship a little easier.  When I woke up to get to the gym as it opened and I knew Anthony was out on a boat sweating as well - somehow, that made things easier.  After 1.5 years of
long distance, Anthony graduated and landed a job in the city - we were finally together!

In 2010 we decided to train for the Men's Health Urbanathlon (what a blast!) and a few months later signed up for my first and Anthony's second half marathon.  If it wasn't for Anthony, I'm not sure I would have stuck it out long enough to find my love of running and endurance sports. 

We got engaged in the middle of a run on a rainy November evening and got married on July 7, 2012.  We have since come to love the sport of triathlon and continue to train for as many races as our bodies, work schedules and wallets allow us to!

We are lucky to have such an amazing family.  Words cannot describe how awesome you all are.  We love you!



I hail from a great little place on the shore of beautiful (well, maybe not so beautiful) Lake Erie - Avon Lake, Ohio. It is your typical small Ohio town that loves it's football and having a good time. 

I am a proud graduate of THE Ohio State University where I majored in Economics and International Business GO BUCKS! While there, I was a 3 year member of the Men's Crew Team and was chosen as Captain during my senior season. 

Like many folks in Avon Lake, I was involved in the usual sports: football, soccer, baseball, etc. However, I didn't really take my personal fitness seriously (or the slightest interest in endurance sports for that matter) until college when I was asked to run a half-marathon....My first reaction: why not? My second reaction: what the hell did I just sign up for? 

Well guys and gals, let me tell you, that was the one of the best decisions of my life (getting the nerve to ask Peggy to marry me being the best of course) because that half marathon was my gateway drug to endurance sports. 

Fast forward a few years and I am settling in to training for one of my personal life goals: finish an Ironman. What's cool about this is that I'm not going at it alone because I'm the lucky guy who's wife is as crazy and shares the same passion for this madness as I do. By the way, that's exactly why we launched this blog: to share with everyone that even with the demands of work, chores, cooking, sleeping, watching some TV, and taking care of your dog (because my dog is pretty darn important, ask anyone who knows me) - staying fit and eating healthy is totally possible. And with some stroke of luck, so is finishing an Ironman! 

Beyond the fitness stuff, I'm just your normal Midwest guy. Love my weekend (and weeknight) beers, football consumes my Saturdays in the fall, love to cook, probably watch entirely too many tv shows, and, mostly importantly, love my family and friends.

Current PRs:
Half Marathon: 1:31 (Rock and Roll Half, DC, 2013)
Marathon: 03:18:41 (MCM 2013)
Half Ironman: Coming 6/1/2014 (IM 70.3 Raleigh)
Ironman: Coming 7/27/2014 (IM Lake Placid)


I grew up in Avon Lake, Ohio as a gymnast turned sprinter and hurdler. 

I studied Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering at GWU and I am currently pursuing a Masters in Astronautical Engineering through USC's distance education network. 

Through college I stayed fit with lots of lifting, interval training, and spin class until Anthony turned me onto long distance running which has quickly turned into a love and obsession of triathlon and endurance sports. Looking forward to Ironman Lake Placid and hopefully setting some new PRs at races along the way.  
 Married my best friend who makes me smile and laugh everyday (even when I'm not in the mood, which can be quite annoying and yet so necessary).

I'm obsessed with our dog (my birthday present in 2011 after a powerpoint presentation on why a dog would make our life better, not worse....yes that happened - Anthony is certainly a fan tough love)

Love to bake, eat, and watch tv (I follow WAY too many shows for how busy my schedule is - thank God for DVR and netflix!) Some of my current favorites:  Homeland, Veep, Big Bang Theory, Suits, and House of Cards.  And of course re-runs of Seinfeld and Friends never get old!

Current PRs:
Half Marathon: 1:49:15 (Nike Womens DC, 2013)
Marathon: 03:34:11 (MCM 2013)
Half Ironman: Coming 6/1/2014 (IM 70.3 Raleigh)
Ironman: Coming 7/27/2014 (IM Lake Placid)

Spoiled rotten silver lab.  Ohio State Fan (of course) that loves to chew on antlers and play tug-of-war.  Enjoys a leisurely jog (no more than 5 miles, please) if the weather is right.   If it's over 80 degress, don't plan on making it much farther than 3 miles - he'll let you know that he's NOT running any further - he'll walk, thanks.  Unless of course he's running off leash in the woods - then he'll likely run all day if you let him.

LOVES to swim and chase sticks.  Our first open water swim experience involved Brutus chasing mom and dad in Lake Erie and giving lots of kisses after he swam right into us!

He thinks he's king of the bed and we often wake up to find him laying horizontally between us...ON OUR PILLOWS!

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