Saturday, February 8, 2014

A new perspective

When Anthony and I decided to sign up for our first Ironman, I was not 100% sure what to expect of the training process.  Now that I have a better grasp on what it takes to train for an Ironman and what the next 5.5 months of my life will be like, I could not be happier.  When we signed up, I saw this goal of completing an Ironman as a check on the bucket list.  Check the box and move on, but now I have a whole new perspective.  I am realizing that a goal that once seemed close to impossible is actually what I am meant to be doing (and not just once)!  So far, this journey has been so fulfilling.  I thrive on this lifestyle and I am so happy that I can share it with Anthony.  Sure it may be “lame” to go to bed early pretty much every night and wake up before 5 am on a regular basis during the week, but I love it.  I feel healthy and strong and there is no better feeling than that!  Plus it feels so good to get to work at 8 and already have 2 hours of training complete!  Aside from finding such happiness in this lifestyle, I have learned so much!

What I have learned so far on this journey (besides realizing that this is the lifestyle Anthony and I were meant to live!):
  •      It is AMAZING what the body will allow you to do if you treat it right.
  •     Having big goals is so good for our mental well-being.
  •     Being a little selfish in terms of your health and wellness makes you a better person – a better wife, husband, friend,…etc.
  •    You are stronger than you think.
  •     Training with someone you love makes the process even more fun!
  •     While our society seems to thrive on burning the candles at both ends while compromising our diet and sleep….a healthy diet and adequate sleep (7+ hours!) will make the hours that you are awake much more productive…GET GOOD SLEEP & EAT WELL.
  •     Ironman training is expensive.  There are two of us.  We both love the sport and all the gadgets that help us train better & smarter.  Did I mention the gear you blow through when you’re training?  We need to win the lottery.
  •     Our vacations will likely be planned around races for many years to come.
  •     If you put in the work, you will see progress.  It may be a slow process, but you’ve got to trust the plan, you will make gains!  I am amazed with how much more comfortable I am in the pool…I actually look forward to my swims now! 
  •     I want to coach some day.  I want to inspire people to get fit, help people complete goal races with confidence, get inactive people active, get active people faster & stronger.  I love seeing people outside & at the gym moving their bodies and I would LOVE to be able to help people accomplish big fitness goals whether that’s a first 5k or an Ironman!
  •     Training for an Ironman is more fun than I ever imagined and I never want to lose sight of why I am training...because I LOVE IT & IT'S FUN!
  •     Training for an Ironman means making sacrifices and the people around you may not understand understanding of the fact that they don't understand - triathlon is not their lifestyle.
  •     Stretch.  I have always known that stretching is the answer to less injuries, but this process has just made it even more clear how important it is to stretch and foam roll.
  •        I’m not sure how married working couples with kids train for an Ironman and make enough time for family, but someday I may be soliciting those couples for advice!!

Get outside, move your body, be a little selfish & start working towards some goals that scare you a bit!
See you out there! 

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