Tuesday, May 13, 2014

10 things I saw while I was walking...and walking...and walking this past weekend

With my weekend training consisting of "walking Brutus....a lot" I had plenty of time to just take in what was going on around me.  When I am training outside - whether it's cycling or running - I am usually aware of my surroundings enough to be safe, but certainly not very focused on them.  It was nice to people watch and really just 100% enjoy nature (although I would have MUCH rather been training), and during my Saturday and Sunday loooong walks with Brutus, I saw a lot! Here are the top ten things that come to mind:

10.  WOW!  Since when do so many cyclists wear headphones?? Am I the only one that thinks this is totally crazy?!  I mean sure it was on the W&OD trail where I noticed this, but regardless there are still tons of walkers, runners, kids, dogs, OTHER CYCLISTS, and STREET CROSSINGS!  Other than when I am inside on the trainer, it has never even crossed my mind to listen to music while riding.... this blew me away!  

9.  Kids being rude to their moms... ON MOTHERS DAY! SHEESH

ok...the rest of the things I saw were positive!! :) 

8. Kids running and walking with their moms on mothers day with a smile on their face, yay!! 

7.  Senior couples - still clearly in love - walking, holding hands, and enjoying nature together. :)

6.  Happy dogs...sniffing! 

5.  RUNNERS!! Runners in sweet new gear, runners in old beat up gear, fast runners, slow runners, skinny runners, large runners, old runners, young runners, friends running together, couples running together, solo runners, I even saw a runner in jean shorts!! They all had one thing in common.. they looked so happy to be outside in nature running on a beautiful trail on a gorgeous weekend!

4.  Mama Geese and their babies!

3.  Kids exploring nature - free of technology!

2.  Families on bike rides together!

1.  STRONG, FIT, HAPPY MOMS running with strollers!! This always makes me so happy to see!!  :)

Taking a step back from training to focus on healing my body so I can complete IMLP gave me a chance to just enjoy a weekend of nature with my dog.  While I am SO ready to heal and get back to training, it was nice to get some extra Brutus time and take in my surroundings.  I saw soooo many heart warming sights during the hours Brutus and I spent walking!!  

Happy Tuesday! 

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