Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hello Fall, how I have missed you so…

So this post has little/nothing to do with training, but the weather this weekend got me REALLY excited about fall... so in case you are some reminders as to why fall is the best season!

Top 6 reasons I love the fall:

1.      Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin beer, pumpkin doughnuts…
There is no denying that fall has some of the best food.  Beyond all of the pumpkin goodness there is apple pie, apple crumble, apple cider.. the list goes on.  Fall food is the best!!

2.        Weather. 
This weekend was the first one that felt like fall was almost here (one week!).  It was still a bit warm, but significantly cooler than it has been.  I am so looking forward to low 50s in the morning & mid-low 60s in the afternoon… Perfection.  It doesn't get much better than going for a walk, pumpkin latte in hand, of course, in the perfectly comfortable fall temperatures with the changing leaves - GORGEOUS.  And did I mention that running in the fall is THE BEST.. there are crunchy leaves on the ground, the temperature is ideal for running, and it’s not necessary to run before the sun rises or after it sets – running at noon or at 3pm is just fine in the fall.  Thanks to this wonderful weather, Brutus can run in the fall, and he’s my (second) favorite running buddy!  

3.        Football
I may not be the biggest football fan out there, but I do enjoy having a beer and watching some college football on Saturday afternoon.  More than that, I love how happy watching football makes Anthony.  Plus the college football smack talk that happens in the elevator of our apartment building on Saturday afternoon and evening is pretty entertaining.  I also enjoy not having to think about what to wear on Saturdays in the fall - jeans and my jersey, done.  And did I mention that nothing beats Script Ohio? Go Bucks!

4.        Holidays
As soon as fall is here, it’s almost holiday season and the time between the first day of fall and Christmas FLIES.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  I love the holidays.  Holidays mean family and that excites me so much! I love the feeling of being home with our entire family in December.  Nothing beats that time at home with everyone we love.  The last 3 months of this year might be the most exciting yet:
                     - We will complete our first marathon (Marine Corps Marathon) on October 26!
-This year I plan on wearing a Halloween costume to practice for Girls on The Run.  This may seem silly, but we don’t usually go out for Halloween, so I am pretty excited to have a reason to dress up! (Any costume ideas?)
- My best friend is getting married (to an awesome guy!) November 23! <3  
          - We will be spending Thanksgiving in Costa Rica for our delayed Honey Moon!
- I get to meet my newest nephew, Jack, and hang out with my oldest  nephew Aiden!! Can’t wait!

5.       Buffalo Chicken Dip
Fall means football season (as mentioned earlier) which means there is an excuse to make/eat/drink buffalo chicken dip.  Yes, this is its own reason to love fall.  Anything that gives me a valid excuse to make and devour buffalo chicken dip, I love. 

6.       Riding Boots & Sweaters
Need I say more?  Fall clothes are comfy, cute, and functional.


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